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"It's like hanging out with a friend and dusting off and listening to some tunes you haven't heard in a long long time or perhaps not at all" Bob Goodman KSBR-FM

What "Whole 'Nuther Thing" Listeners Write




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What "Whole 'Nuther Thing" Listeners Write


Dear Bob
...Many thanks for your kind endeavours on our behalf, really appreciate It.
Brian Auger

...very kind of you Bob... you gave them a real taste... much appreciated! Thanks so much Bob... my very best to you my friend!!! G
Garland Jeffreys

...Had a ball yesterday Bob. Thanks for having me! Below are a few emails I got I thought you might enjoy...
John Batdorf

...thanks bob . for a great radio interview. and for the  coolest  D J  IN TOWN
Norm Sancho/ Jack Tempchin Road Manager


..."I have been listening to KSBR for maybe 25 years, and you have had some great programs like the Latin Connection, Blues Show and Folk Roots.  But the Whole Nuther Thing with Bob Goodman is superlative.  My wife and I do not generally listen to radio together, but we rarely miss Bob's Saturday afternoon show, thanks."
S.S. Orange County

Hi Bob,
Maybe I'm the only one, but I sometimes think that what you are doing is unfair.
I usually feel very comfortable thinking that I am the only one in the world who likes a particular song, then you play it on your program, and I am thoroughly amazed.
Like, no one would ever play the Animals "When I was young", or Leonard Cohen "Suzanne". Or the Kingston Trio "MTA".
I thought that I was the only one.
So, what is it? Do you have great taste? 
So, it seems it is like you say, that we could be doing something else, but we listen to your program instead.
And you are teaching us some very interesting history, with your legacy information.
TT, Colorado

I have been listening to your show for a few years but never emailed you before.
I have a vinyl, CD & MP3 collection that is much on par with your own. (I know, hard to believe) If you ever should lose all your music collection (God forbid) you could come and do a few more years worth of shows from mine. I have not met anyone that has some of the LP's you and I do. So with that, it's small wonder I enjoy your show. It's like someone with taste is pulling out and playing some my old favorites from my collection that I've forgotten or overlooked through the years. And of course you throw in a few I don't have or haven't heard now and then.

JS Mission Viejo

Hi Bob,
Awesome radio show this week.  Just put my head in another space as I built database queries and aligned spreadsheets... thank you! My best to you and your family with regard to Sadie.  My parents had to put their 15 year old labrador "Cool" down this past week.  Very tough indeed.  My heart is with you and your family.
Denver, Colorado

I have been listening to almost every Whole Nuther Thing for the last six months, via my smart phone. I gotta say again you do a great show!
DD Washington DC

Great job. I look forward to Saturdays shows.
Ted Wiz

Bob...Man, three hours on your show goes like three minutes.
Thanks again for making a rainy day in SoCal great. 

Hope all is well. Take Care -- Tom G

Loved your British Invasion Radiocast two weeks ago.

I too listened to my little transistor radio under my pillow listening to Cousin Bruce Morrow (77-WABC-AM).  I think you would know who that is as I hear you are from New Jersey also.

Haven't contacted you for awhile however Great show 11-10-12 especially Buckinghams, Association, Buffalo Springfield, Etc. I've gotten a 30 something into your playlist and he loves it. Of course his tastes trend towards Jeff Beck, John McLauphlin etc. Love the new York Tendaberry music myself. Hendricks and Joplin too.
Keep up the great program.

I'll listen to you again next Saturday and remember to tell my friends.  
I miss this type of music so much!  It reminds
of a world when I didn't give a thought about Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc
if you know what I mean!  It really put me in a great mood, so much fun and
you have very interesting things to share such as your favorite album Arthur
Lee, Forever Changes which I'm listening to now on Grooveshark.
Loved, 'I aint' gonna eat out my heart anymore', 'Mustang Sally', many of
those songs you played today.  So many great songs that I had forgotten
about. Thanks for the interesting tidbit on the singer Diane Renay...I looked her
up and she was born as Renee Diane, funny :)
Now I remember her song "Navy Blue" but I was only 6 years old at the time
:) How wonderful that KSBR has given you the freedom to play whatever you want.
I hope you are able to do this for a long time.

Thanks for playing "Mystic Eyes" and I loved the rest of the show too! Great stuff! I have TuneIn on my BlackBerry now and can listen to you on it.
BRF, Orange County

love your show, I listen to it regularly. I am a nerd and collect old FM tuners with which I listen to your show the old fashioned way.
Great show today!

Hey Bob, great job my man!  The segways between songs were transparent and your choices were amazing.  I also liked the entry, w/o your normal 'backing band' beginning.  I was just going along with my headphones on and you came up a couple of songs into the show.
One of your best!
Thornton, Colorado

Just wanted to relay some kudos on the last show. I listened to the whole show
while playing in an online poker tourney Sunday night. Nice mix of familiar
& forgotten! The opening set was very surprising, I wouldn't often play Glen Campbell & Harry Chapin stuff but the set really segued together nicely! I hadn't heard Witchy Tai To in a hell of a long time either & that followed nicely from the Beatles, not to mention a nice chunk of Quicksilver too. A
good friend of mine, Mike Cantrell in Hawaii did the album covers for Just
For Love and What About Me. Hearing them again I for some reason started thinking of them like an American Traffic, great stuff! Been a long time since I deejayed, especially since I'm back in DC again, I'm jealous!
Yours in frequency modulation,
DD, Washington DC

First of all I love your show and have many of your shows downloaded.
You got me when you did a focus on Harry Nilsson.. love that guy!
I have 2 requests. A simple one: would love to hear a special on Joni. (I love rock and jazz equally.)
That's the easy one. Here's the weirder one:
I'm almost 57 y/o and I loved the pop rock music in era centered on 1973 (I memorized the words to American Pie).
(Later college taught me about the harder rock bands and I loved that, too.)
Well about 10 years ago I discovered another genre of the same general period, namely reggae.
It began with the purchase of a cassette tape called Rockers which turned out to be the sound track for a movie which I believe is still available (at least it was 10 years ago).
So I'm thinking it would be great to have a reggae of the 70's special! Would that be outside your boundaries?
It definitely could be described as a whole nuther thing.
I suppose just Bob Marley would be nice but that kind of special emphasis is easy to come by in reggae circles; I'm thinking more of an expose(ay) like that Rockers tape I had (and still have).
Artists like The Melodians, The Abasinians, The Heptones, Inner Circle, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and Joe Higgs who taught Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, The Wailers and Jimmy Cliff.
Anyway, something to consider.
Some miscellaneous other fantastic artists to play every once in a while: David Grisman, Doc Watson, Bruce Cockburn, Stevie Wonder, Maria Muldaur, Dan Hicks, Phoebe Snow, U2, The B52's, and how 'bout Devo!
PS: If you're looking for obscure recordings I know someone with a HUGE HUGE record collection (LPs and 45s). They live in New Mexico but just let me know and I'd be honored to ask them. Did I mention, it's HUGE!!!
Thanx for all you're doing.
Dave (Mission Viejo)

Hi Bob,
...Just wanted to say I tuned into your show Saturday and thought it was just about the best round of jazz I've heard in a long time! I checked out the KSBR playlist but it only showed one track, Jimmy McGriff at 3:00 and Richard Groove Holmes at 4:09. Could you possibly let me know any of the other artists playing between those times?
Thanks, look forward to listening to you next Saturday!

Dear Bob --
... Just wanted to let you know that I'm so IMPRESSED  with your FANTASTIC selection and range of
music! You NEVER cease to AMAZE us!!!!!
 Bob - great show - been listening for the last few years.  Working here at my home office this Saturday afternoon.  I go way back as well - graduated high school in that great year 1967 when music was exploding.

Bob... Your really in the "zone" this week with your show this week.   I'm loving it.   Lullaby (spell?) from Billy's last real album would be killer to hear, but place it correctly as it's a slow, emotional one.
This show IMO is in your top five.
 Love it.
 Tom G.

Sitting here in NJ in my office working and listening to Steely Dan, The Doors and Dylan.
Then Miles
Very cool!
Nice job!

...Thanks for the reply. I had never heard the show before even though I am a regular listener to the station as well as a contributing member. We hit the wrong button on the car radio (we normally listen to a San Diego station at this time of day) and got that wild drum set you did. We were supposed to do our grocery shopping but ended up sitting in the Ralph's parking lot listening to your show. We had quite literally thought that someone had taken over the station and locked themselves in with their crate of vinyl records. It was a blast. We will be tuning in again.
Jay & Cheryl

...your recent guest, Lawrence Juber (sp?) was like Leo Kottke on steroids!!! Wow!  Wish I could have seen him alive, previous commitment didn’t allow.  You are so entertaining to listen to as you share your life experiences associated with the music.  You may not be known for your music, but your known for the music you play. Keep it up!
25+ Year KSBR listener.

just listening to Roy Buchanan wail and wanted to thank you for all your programs every saturday night for us in cobourg ontario canada I think this is one of the best you"ve done which is saying something best wishes
Doug and Anne
Ontario, Canada

Just a quick note of thanks.   I was listening to your station I believe two Saturdays ago and the person programming the music talked about seeing the movie Pirate Radio and then proceeded to play the most amazing group of songs I have heard in a very long time.   Please send my thanks to him.   I used to be in radio years ago (WXRT in Chicago) and I really appreciated the songs that he unearthed.
T.G. Somewhere behind the Orange Curtain

... gott'a congratulate you once again, this time for having the class to

include Christmas songs on a day following 25th. It's always so abrupt,

the disappearance of seasonal music at midnight that evening.... perfect

to include those in a Dean, Frank, Nat, and Tony afternoon.

    { >o< }


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 %%.       ,%%

 *%%.     ,%%*


Happy Holidays

 Hey Bob...Great show last Saturday with Santana.  Even at 60 years old, we cranked it up and didn't care about our neighbors.  We have been listening to your show for years now and it is the best time of our week together.  With a couple of adult beverages we play card games and listen to the great music.  Every once in awhile we will call in to tell you how much we do enjoy the music and the bios.  And it means a lot to us.  Keep it up!!  Thanks,

 Bob...highly respect your work as a broadcasting professional.  I enjoy listening to your excellent radio show.  You bring a real sense of history to the music that you play.  I want to encourage you to keep on doing what your doing. 

Bob...My brother in CA sent me your website and I was thrilled. as a child of the 60's from NY this brings back so many memories. I was going to the Brooklyn Fox theater when I was 13 to see all the best acts. Can I get your show in NY or NC?
AM, North Carolina

Bob...New fan.  Transplanted New Yorker.  Murray the K - 1010 Wins and the Brooklyn Fox theater shows, Filmore East, Academy of Music, clubs in the Village. I saw everyone.  Really look forward to your show on Saturday.  Funny to see your WMCA good guy sweat shirt.  And who can forget when WOR started broadcasting on FM and then of course WNEW FM,  Even the old days of Movin and Groovin, havin a ball with Cousin Bruce on WABC.  Used to listen to my transistor under the pillow.  WKBW in bufffalo was 50,000 watts - great to pick up at night.  How about you do some Blues Project some afternoon.  Danny Kalb was a great guitarist.
Jeff, Mission Viejo

I asked you whether there was a accounting somewhere (maybe the JB museum?) that listed how many shows James Brown and His Band of RENOWN (sp) did over 7 decades ... If you find out … let me know. I will research also. I remember dancing to these great tunes by THE GODFATHER

...Listening via the web from Charlotte, NC this evening, 51 years old.  Listened to one of the early album-oriented-rock stations in Louisiana, KPEL-FM in high school and college.  Attended college from 1976 to 1978 and lived through both the moon walk (Neil Armstrong-style, not MJ) and early Floyd albums.  Introduced to Floyd when I was only in the 8th grade in 1972 by a high school guy at the local planetarium.  Which all goes to say, I absolutely loved the hell out of listening to you start with the Firesign Theatre and then playing all the Pink Floyd from my younger days.  I was fortunate enough to see them in Baton Rouge on the Animals tour and it was unbelievable back then.  It's really a shame Richard Wright just passed away a few weeks/months ago.  He was as much Pink Floyd as David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Sid Barrett ever were.  Watching Gilmour thrashing a Stratocaster as well as the pedal steel is something I'll never ever forget...

I am the dweeb from NYC, who won your (fantastic!!!) new CD, via e-mail, on KSBR.
(KSBR, BTW, reminds me of the original early '70's WNEW-FM, one of your earliest musical supporters, where I first heard your stuff! If this Bob Goodman fella's show were made into a radio format, and they did it on the air in NYC, a lot of us oldsters would show up strong in the first ratings book. But alas, Radio corps don't think like that  ).)


Thank you for the terrific programming on Saturday
afternoon (it's now 4:30). Songs that we  haven't heard for decades.
We appreciate your selections! Thank you, thank you thank you!

Bob..."Enjoyed your show yesterday, as we were crusin' around Capistrano for the day. My gf really enjoyed (as I did too) Return to Forever, and the Stanley Clarke close was absolutely awesome!"
Alan, Whittier

Bob,...Wow --  segued from "Treetop Flyer" into "Four Days Runnin'" .... Awesome, Bob Goodman... I loved the seque from Tree Top Flyer into Four Days Runnin! (and I'm pretty sure it wasn't just a seque of music but also a seque of meaning).  And I really like Talking Heads and a lot of the other folks you played.  Can I program my iTunes to record it or is there another way to get to the archives that I may be missing? Great Show and you have a new fan. I just wish I could listen every Saturday ... will figure something out! THANK YOU!!!!
Jeanette, Los Angeles

...LOVE fusion, never quit it since Zawinul in Miles' group.
Corea is great, but your first hour-1/2 was out-friggin'-standing today, too.
You gott'a sneak in a couple cuts from Friday Night in SF for the Di Meola fans one of these days. Wonder how those tracks would dovetail with some of the Three Tenors tracks from the PBS specials-- virtuosos teaming up for synergy's sake in all cases.
Pete, Van Nuys

...I never got around to thanking you for playing a second hour of Mark-Almond. You finally played my favorite from the group, “What Am I Living For.” I have not known many who appreciate Mark-Almond and am very glad that you do. I really like your concentration on one musical group. I think your program on Bob Dylan combined with his 60 Minutes interview is superior to Martin Scorsese’s biographical film...

My dear sir,
I've been listening to your show this afternoon and I just wanted to thank you for the musical time trip.  I don't often feel like a young person these days but your show today has done the trick and I thank you for it.
A very good evening to you,
Lisa M

 Hi Bob,
 ...3-4 weeks ago you played the song "If I should Fall Behind" and I didnt catch who was singing the song. I thought you said Deon but when I went to I-Tunes I couldnt find that song by him. It was the same show that you played "Down In the Hole" by Tom Weights,  "Dear God" by XTC and "Dream World" by Robin Thick, if that helps jog your memory as to which show.
 Love your show. I have been purchasing a lot of new music from listening to your show!
Ellen O

Bob...one of the best.i am a 1965 grad of san clemente h.s. this program sent chills that i haven't had since the DAYS.great job of song selection. any way to get the song list?do you make cd's of the program?keep up the good work, gratefully,
Mark K

 Bob..."this show is  the  bomb  which means i love it so much, i can"t get enough...thanks for all the work  you do for us music students and obbesive  compulsive listeners"
Linda U

 Dear Bob... Thank you for playing the Harry Chapin Tribute. I was in my car coming home this evening, and happened to turn on the broadcast.  I believe I heard a good  part of it ( at least from about 5-6pm ).
I have been a Harry Chapin fan since the 70's and do believe he was an extraordinary storyteller.
His fight against hunger was worthy and deserving of recognition! Thank you again!( I did not catch the first two tributes but hope you continue the,now annual, program.) It was a welcome moment in my day! It had been a little while since I had played his  music ( and had never heard his GReyhound
song).His Gold Medal Collection , with songs and interviews, is a treasure.( Put together after his death ) I have it and my son and I have enjoyed it for years.              

Happy Thanksgiving                        

Karen Y

 Hi Bob...Thank you for playing one of my all time favorites again this Thanksgiving weekend!  Harry gave so much in such a short period of time.  He was an incredible man!  There are too few like him.
I visited with my son and daughter-in-law (now living in Coeur d'Alene Idaho) in September.  We drove to West Yellowstone to visit the nation's largest national park.    We stayed a few days, and on the drive back to CDA, the subject of Harry came up.  I don't know what made me think of him while driving across Montana, perhaps the beauty and peacefulness of the surroundings. I  asked my son if he remembered seeing Harry Chapin in concert (Jeramy was 4 or 5 years old at the time).  Kenny Rankin opened for Harry.  Harry played solo at a small amphitheater in Laguna Beach.    It was a very casual place with bench seating.  Harry explained that all the money from the concerts he did solo went to fight world hunger. Needless to say, it was an amazing concert!  I've no idea how he pulled off Taxi (solo), but he did.  At the end of the concert, to a standing ovation, Harry walked of the end of the small stage and into the audience.  We were close to the stage and I picked my son up to see above the crowd.  Jeramy was so beautiful with his long curly blond hair and bright blue eyes.  Harry looked at him and walked right up to us.  Harry took Jeramy's face in both his hands, held it,  and looked into his eyes, gave Jeramy and then me a kiss on the cheek and turned to walk into the crowd.  Not long after that concert, Harry was taken from us. Driving across Montana this past summer, I asked my son if he remembered the concert.  He said he did.  I asked him if he remembered what he said to me after Harry kissed him.  He did.  "I'm a boy, he should have shaked my hand".  I told Jeramy again, what I told him at the time.....  Harry probably missed his kids, so far away that day, perhaps you made him think of them. How sad, he was taken from us so young, and with so much inside him to make this world a better place to live in. Thanks again Bob for featuring this incredible songwriter, performer and humanitarian. I catch your broadcast whenever I can.  You always seem to play my favorites, and some I don't know much about, but have heard and love. I know you are all volunteers at KSBR, and applaud your contribution to the community - and to the word!
While vacationing in Belize last year, I turned some people on to The Morning Breeze!  Add another country to the long list of those who benefit from all that you and the others at KSBR do for us.
Thanks again!
Francie  G, Idaho

 Bob...I just want to tell you , this is the first time I have ever listened to your show ( not into Jazz )&  I keep my eyes open when I see something in the paper about KSBR. Last week , I read you were doing a show about Arthur Lee & Love & was so excited. I, too , think he was a genius , on the brink on insanity. Love is on my Ipod now & their songs hold up now & as well as they did in the 60's . I saw them in the 60's , I think at the Shrine & then I saw Arthur about 12 or 13 years ago at the Coach House. I was right up front & he was picking fights with people in the audience in between songs ! I just want to thank you for playing one of my favorite unappreciated bands ! It's a treat. Most people don't remember or weren't as moved as me.

Lisa, Orange County

 Bob...We want to thank you for puting together The Whole Nuther Thing every Saturday and always look forward to hear what you have put together for our listening pleasure. Today we are listening to your special program "Songs of Summer" and are really enjoying everything you have picked out. This is a truely an awsome collection of hits! We were jus wondering if this collection is available on a CD anywhere? It would be a CD to add to our collection!  We hope you keep puting together The Whole Nuther Thing for many years to come!!
Brian & Jean, Lake Forest

Bob...listening and loving the groove
What about some Del Shannon?
Lou, Newport Beach

 Bob...I do have to say that you have an excellent show, and I very much enjoy your station. My boss turned me on to your station a couple months ago, and I've enjoyed it ever since. The Kinks compilation you played was very well put together, and most enjoyable. You have a great station, good shows, and I will continue to enjoy the "easy listenin' " that all of you play.
Thanks, and keep up the cool tunes.                                     

P.S.----- I grew up in that time era, and might even have a suggestion or two for you if that would be alright. Feel free to let me know.    
 Bob...I read about your “Whole Nuther Thing” show in the OC Register. I am interested in downloading the podcast from your Poco show, but I cannot locate it on your website or on iTunes. I have been a big fan for many years, and I would appreciate your assistance. Also, please feel free to include me in your distribution list for upcoming shows.
Thank you,
Craig, Laguna Niguel

 Bob...I've been meaning to let you know how much I enjoy your Whole 'Nuther Thing show.  I'm a Jersey girl, I try never to miss the Saturday program, and kick myself if I do.  The station really should consider replaying it at some point during the week.  Not just for those who missed it, but also to listen to again. Prior to this weekend's show you played the 2 versions of Season of the Witch which I thought was fantastic fun!
Carole, Mission Viejo
Bob...real nice job on the rolling stones show -- great selection --how do i get the c.d.
Cliff, Mission Viejo
 Bob... I'd like to thank you for a very wonderful afternoon. ...I thought I'd change it up a bit and just happened to spin the dial on the radio and something magical happened. I landed on 88.5 and heard your beautiful mix of Rolling Stones songs. I'm 55 years old but hearing the opening lines to "Tell Me" and "Memo from Turner" made me 18 again for a brief time. Thank you for that.  By the way you put that mix together it sounds as though you too are big Stones fan. You might be interested in a local band that I've heard called  "Jumping Jack Flash". They have the Stones down perfectly. They look like them, talk like them, and play like them. A real spot on performance...
Thanks for the great tunes.

Bob...Nailing it as always Mr. Goodman.  Bob, I love your show. ...Keep up the great work!  Suggesting a featured artist; I nominate, Peter Gabriel.  Anyway, have a great week!

Bob...Nice set! Keep those good tunes flowing...
Marshall, San Juan Capistrano

Hey Bob...Loved last nights programming. I have Brian Auger & the Oblivian Express and Brian Auger & Trinity on vinyl. Keep up the great music. Thanks for the Memories..... thought everyone had forgotten.....

Hi Bob...I just wanted to say thanks for a great program.  I tune in on the web from Woodland Hills (CA) when I can and I was glad I did today.  I'm a great fan of the rock jazz genre and nobody really plays it anywhere, I guess it's not commercial enough!  Thanks again and keep the off-beat stuff coming.
Chris, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi Bob...Thanks for the music.It brought a lot of memories
Edward, Aliso Viejo

Hi Bob...I love your show and in fact almost all of what I hear on KSBR.  The
Mark Almond tune was one of my favorites during med school and hearing
it again got me to dig out those few  remaining tapes of yore.
On those tapes, I found a song that I really like and I wonder if you
can name it and/or play it?  I have attached a clip of it.


Bob...I happened to catch your show last Saturday The British Invasion. Where can one go to get a list of the songs played or better yet purchase the music?
Phil, Laguna beach


Bob...Love your show, Bob!  How about a "Great Women Vocalists" show?
Thanks for the great music!



Bob...really enjoy the   Frank, Tony, Dean show last year.  Would you consider making a copy of the show  and selling it for a donation to the station.  It is such a terrific   two hours of great music  I would love to have it in my collection.
Enjoy  your  show...

Bob...Hi! I was driving up to Santa Monica on Saturday, September 29th (my birthday!) and I lost your signal! At @ 4:15 pm, you were playing a guitar piece (an oldie:)... please, please, please.......... what was it? I'd be thrilled if you could find it for me.
Thank you so much in advance............ love your station:)

Bob...dont know how long ago you might have visited ritchie havens  - thought i'd throw it out there---great show by the way  
Cliff in m.v.
Bob...What are the name of those last few songs u played on saturday 10-27-07  before 6:00pm  They were instrumental rock and blues jam tracks that went on and on very long like in a live concert.  I heard 2 of them I liked very very much!

Peter Cetera lives here in the town I work in, , and I see him in the grocery or coffee shop every week, and it's great to see such a wonderful musician just being... real.  Great town for folks to do that in, however..!!  I look forward to the show with anticipation. Chicago was/is one of my FOREVER favorites... Thank you, thank you for doing the show!!
Tanya,  Ketchum,Idaho

...Hey, thanks for all the great music on Saturday afternoons.  My wife and I really enjoy your show.  I used to like Donovan, he had some great songs.  Would he fit into the format?  Thanks again.

Bob... I have always enjoyed your show. Please send me your playlist for your show today which featured King Crimson.  Thanks very much

 Bob ...I have been listing to KSBR for maybe 25 years, and you have had some great programs like the Latin Connection, Blues Show and Folk Roots.  But the Whole Nuther Thing with Bob Goodman is superlative.  My wife and I do not generally listed to radio together, but we rarely miss Bob's Saturday afternoon show. 

Bob...Thanks for the great tunes today - I grew up with all of it and I know all the words!!!!!
I work at Borders!  I used to have this vinyl album!!  I love your shows. 

...Bob, The show today is great...

...Hi Bob... Love your show, Did you ever do a show on the history of Johnny Winter? He is still doing shows here in SoCal I look forward to Saturdays "Pot" Luck show. Lee Michaels "You Know What I Mean" on my green plastic 4-track


Hey Bob...A lot of us letter carriers in Dana Point enjoy your show. I was listening to your show and I heard a song you played that sounded like James Taylor except it was like he was singing in harmony with another guy - and wow I never heard it before. Would you know who was the artist(s) and what is the title of the song?


Hi Bob... I just want to say I am enjoying your show up in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I stumbled accross your station on a visit to California last May...and now have you on my laptop virtually whenever I am working on it. Thanks for providing "excellent" tunes over the internet.
E. Peters

Hi Bob...I caught the last 45 minutes of your show and lets say it was very HIP! You did a great job
Steve Z

Hi Bob...Are you the same Bob Goodman that worked at KLYD in the mid 80's? I listen to you quite often on the net. I like blues and I like your mix too! You are doing a good job. Anyway if this isn't the Bob I remember, then forgive me, I still think you do a great job.
Have a great Day!
John E. 

Hi Bob...  Love your show. I would like to have you do one of your shows on the Moody Blues.  I have been a fan for over 20 years. I would even like to co-host and help you wright the that show! Thank you for your time.
Jay W.

...go Bob go!! I'm listening here in Sydney Australia and your songs for the ThanksGiving are absolute GOLD!!!!
thank you for considering such poignant songs good on you mate

 Bob...Surfing the internet came across your Station via radio365. Wondered if you would share your playlist from tonights broadcast. Great music is good therepy for some of us that love great classic songs from what seems to be better times than now. Thanks. Great job -
Scott S
...Hi  Mr. Goodman, WNT has gone from something I would get bits and piece's of, to a must listen on Sat. It got me with the Marc-Almond hr. then Elton John, Luther (of course), then the James Taylor hr. knocked my ass out of the chair,I had forgotten how many great songs he did. Elvis Costello was very good as well. You've got me, I'm addicted if you will. As long as you keep feeling it, please keep doing it.Thank you very much for WNT. Take care
Dale H.

 Bob...I totally enjoyed your Saturday show.  James is my favorite songwriter and you did a nice mix of his songs.  I haven’t heard some of those mixes of certain songs and was wondering where you got them from. Especially Carolina on My Mind and Sweet Baby James!  I’ve never heard those mixes before. Take care and keep up the great work!
Ron Y

 Hey Bob...Found you by accident yesterday afternoon announcing the upcoming Dire
Straits program.  When home cranked it up and enjoyed it immensely!
Forgot what a great band they were. Today I'm going out to get the 'Live
Alchemy' and On Every Street CD's. Not much interested in James Taylor next weekend, but will definately tune you in to see what you're up to next. Thanks for a pleasant surprise and a "I LOVE THAT SONG!" moment!
Catherine M.


Bob...I just listened to your show for the first time on Saturday July 23. It was great! I've head your promos on KSBR   and just happened to bump into it. I was very impressed and intend to fill my saturday between 3 and 6 with you! I am so happy to fill my weekly saturday radio listening with you while I clean house, garden or just kick back. Can't wait to  hear you again!
Gail F

 Bob...I'm listening to your program today and really enjoying it. I'm in with a bad cold, so the music of Stevie Winwood is cheering me up.Keep up the great programming!
 Jack R.
Bob...Great site.I really enjoyed going through it. It brings back a lot of memories for me too.
Howard M
Bob...Cool website!  Are you going to post your play list here?
 Al H.
Bob...Looks great Bob!! 
Herb C
...Bob: Nice site! Good music, good pictures, good memories.
 William B.
Bob...Bob and I both love your program...It is something we look forward to each week. We are bummed when we miss it.
Susan S.
Bob...Your program on Janis this past Saturday was wonderful.
 Patrick L.

 Bob...Just kickin back listening o your cool show here in Brea
 Paul M.

Bob...You better believe - some of my favorites!!! I hope I can catch your show this weekend!

Bob... Nice show tonight, I'll email Ben and let him know! 

Sheldon A. Irvine

Bob...I work at a newspaper in IL and listen to your station at the offfice whenever I can get away with it. (I'm also the only Sinatraphile in the place.) The station manager of our local university radio station decided to change from a format of jazz, classical and world music to a top-40 format this year. Jazz has been banished from the airwaves in this part of Illinois. So now I appreciate KSBR.net much more than I used to. Thanks again for the Sinatra and for all the other Whole 'Nuther Thing shows
Ken T.

 Bob...thanks for the Kenny Rankin!  I haven't heard these songs in forever!!
Lenni L.

...Howdy, Bob! It's that KSBR nut in Texas. I was wonderin' if you've ever done a Whole 'nother Thing of Booker T & the MGs or Average White Band. Seems to me those would be two kick butt programs. Lookin' forward to Joe Cocker in a few minutes! Have a wonderful weekend!!
Bernie Z.

 Bob...right on, my man!  i adore Dire Straits!  favorite being from Brothers, "your latest trick" from the album my dad bought for me when i was about seven.  a dark song to like for a hyper 7 year-old, i know. this whole set you're doing is fabulous.  i'm flooded with memories, however i wasn't around when many were originally released. again, so grateful i am to get such a remarkable radio station to tune in properly way down here in north san diego county (san marcos).  then again, i bought a powered antenna to secure transmission you're making my day ;)
Charlotte C.

 Bob...Thanks for the Harry Nilsson hour last week. I had never really hear much of his music, or so I thought. I didn't know songs such as "One" and "Cuddly Toy" were his songs. I enjoyed the songs so much I went out and found a 3 CD set called "Legendary Harry Nilsson" for $16 at Borders! Couldn't pass that up. It has most if not all the songs you played and a lot of covers of old standards.Thanks for giving me something new to listen to. By the way, will a Ray Charles Whole Nuther Thing be coming soon?
Chris R.

 Bob...Unfortunately, I'm at work this beautiful afternoon at the top of the delta.  Fortunately, I found your show on the internet, and you're blowin' my blues away. Thanks from Memphis the home of the blues.
Dave F.

Bob...Nice to hear Paul Butterfield here in Kona Hawaii. In the 60s I worked at a music shop by the Univ. of Chicago called the Fret Shop.  Mark Naftlin & Elvin Bishop were frequent visitors as were Joan Baez, Odetta and a host of others.
Your shows always bring back good memories.
thanks Ken L.

 Bob...I missed the first two sets of the Nuther show last night. Could you please email me the play list? The web site has given up on the play list program for now. Thanks. I sure enjoy your shows.
Frank F

Bob...Great music - this is terrific blues/rock.  Very enjoyable.  Thanks for creating such a good show for KSBR. By the way, do you think there is more British jazz music like Fishbelly Black yet to be rediscovered?
Bill Y.
Bob...Really enjoyed your show last night, A Whole 'Nuther Thing.  It's the first time I've tuned in, and I'll be coming back every Thursday night. No other station, that I know of, has such a program...and it's about time. I'm a big fan of Dire Straits, especially the stuff that typically flies beneath the radar. I'm also a guitar student, and Knopfler is 2nd only to Clapton on my favorites list.  Inspired by some of the tunes you spun last night,I'm dedicating my lunch hour today to picking up a couple more Dire Straits and Knopfler CDs for my collection. What's on tap for next week?
  Scott A.
Bob...Just a note of thanks for a great broadcast of Hall & Oates! They are such a talented band and they are highly underrated these days. I think it's wonderful that you've made people aware that they are not some washed up band of the 80s and that they still continue to make great music and continue to play live shows which only gets better and better. Do It For the Love of Hall & Oates!
Thanks again
Bob...Just wanted to say great show!  I heard songs I have not heard in years... you just help me put together a list of tracks I want on vinyl. Keep up the great work and great music!
 Mario C.
Bob...Listened to the show.  It was great!   I love their old stuff.  I missed the very beginning though.How 'bout a shout out for the H&O website! (if you did not already do it.) Thanks!



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