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This Saturday, May 18th, we’ll spend time with the man they called "Slowhand," that's right Guitar legend Eric Clapton. In addition to his legacy recordings I’ll be featuring a tune from his latest studio recording, “Old Sock” which was released just last month.





Live From Studio B

Please join me Saturday May 11th as we welcome two of the finest practitioners of Acoustic Rock, John Batdorf & James Lee Stanley to "The Thing". John & James will perform tunes from their brand spanking new CD All Wood And Stones II

April 2011 RTDS Welcomes another new host!



"Whole 'Nuther Thing" with host Bob Goodman Fridays at 9 am & 3 pm ET!!

Bob Goodman is a NYC native living in Southern California. He started his broadcast career during the Golden Age of FM and continues to share his passion for great tunes with Whole ‘Nuther Thing as his vehicle..

I was born to share my passion and knowledge of music and spin records. I’ve had 2 distinct broadcasting careers with a 20 year break in between. I've been a student of Radio Broadcasting since I was old enough to carry around a Transistor Radio in my pocket and often went to sleep with an earphone stuck in one of my ears decades before Ipods made it fashionable. My on air career started with the Campus Radio Station of Hunter College in NYC where I was elected General Manager and later the Coordinating Director of Network Programming and co- founder of the City University Radio Network. My professional career began on the East End of Long Island, NY at WRCN AM & FM where I eventually became Music Director. I then moved to California with a stop doing overnights at KSRF FM in Santa Monica. Eventually I moved back to Long Island and worked at WLIX AM in Islip. My last on air gig before taking a break was with The Quadfather WYSP FM in Philadelphia, I did weekend mornings. I left because the consultants were slowly removing any artistic freedom we had picking our own music and sharing it with our audience.

Approximately 11 years ago I made a decision to return to my first love, at least on a part time basis, Radio. Being a listener of the local college Radio Station KSBR FM, I enrolled in Saddleback College in Mission Viejo and proceeded to take some Communications and Broadcast related courses with the intent of earning an air shift on the station. In January 2001 I was given my first air shift on KSBR on Friday evenings from 6 till 9PM. I eventually moved to Saturdays and started the concept of "Whole 'Nuther Thing", essentially a mosaic of music without any boundaries and the only criteria being it must be good. With my knowledge of and passion for music of all genres, it was easy for me to put together music from disparate artists and blend them into cohesive and flowing sets. Unlike my first career, I now have the luxury of painting from a palette of 75 plus years. If you have a favorite "Lost Song" there is a good chance you will hear it during Whole ‘Nuther Thing. If not, then contact me and I will get it on for you. As Duke Ellington once remarked “There’s Only 2 Kinds of Music, Good Music and Bad Music” I prefer the former.

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